A downloadable game for Windows

First things first this is my first attempt at a game, it's probably not the best game ever but i'm putting a lot of work into it so don't be to hard on me.

The purpose of this demo is to get feedback from other people on what i should change or what i can improve, so feel free to leave comments about that.
Ok enough with me blabbering, now the game.
Gameplay wise it's a standard retro style RPG maker game with nothing special to it,
almost everything is default except ''most'' of the maps.
The story revolves around the war between two countries with you as the ''player'' having a major roll in it.
So yeah if you like it give it a try and tell me what you think :)

Install instructions

Just open the file and extract it.

P.S If it won't open try using WinRAR os something similar.


Heart Strike demo.exe 192 MB

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